Teach you how to open a rusty lock

- Jun 26, 2018-

Door lock or car lock, used for a long time, wind and rain, lock rusty is difficult to open, when serious, how can not open, if forced to hit, may damage the latch or even the door. Today, I'll share with you the magic trick of letting the rusty lock open.

What to do with the lock of rust?

Lock rust is mostly caused by rain or contact with water, and is not dried or dried in time. Here are some common practices.

1. Wipe the lock with dry cloth.

Drop the key in the keyhole with soy oil, sewing oil or sesame oil. At the same time, dip the key with a few drops of oil, insert the lock into the lock and move slowly back and forth several times, feel smooth, and then turn the key to open it.

When the lock is opened, use a few drops of oil in time, wipe it with dry cloth, and maintain it.

2, if there is no oil temporarily, you can use soap or pencil crumbs instead of the crumbs, but the effect is slightly less.

Pour some kerosene into the lock, because it has the effect of dissolving rust, and a kind of rust inhibitor (or WD-40), a canned and mosquito - like extrusion injection (with a tube, for avoiding scattering,) into the lock eye, and after the rust, and then to a few pencils.

When dealing with rusty articles, be careful, if you do not care to touch the clothes, use lemon to remove the method: take the fresh lemon juice, lemon juice drops several drops on the rust stains on the hand rubbing, repeated several times, until the rust stains remove, then wash with soap water. Or you can also use vinegar to clean (it is clear and clear vinegar, not a color vinegar, easy to pollute the clothes): if the fear of vinegar will make the clothes fade, you can first dilute the vinegar properly. This method is not suitable for overly bright clothes. Slowly wash vinegar drops on rust stains and rinse with soapy water.

Precautions for the use of door locks

1. Door lock maintenance

Door locks are highly loaded parts with long service life, and there will be a bit of trouble. Often found that some users and friends, home door lock damage is often due to the use or maintenance can not be caused. The door lock maintenance should pay attention to some matters:

Two, do not wriggle the key to open the door

Sometimes, due to the gravity of the door leaf or the cause of loose leaf, the door fan sinks, and the door is locked or the door is not smooth. At this time, it is very difficult to open the door and lock the door with a key. At this point, do not force the key, so as not to break the key and increase the trouble.

The correct solution: first look at the reason. If the door leaf is sunk due to loose loose leaf, loose loose leaf should be fastened tightly with screws. If the door frame is deformed or its cause is not recoverable, it can be extended from the door frame and the lock tongue will be extended so that the door lock opens and closes to the normal flow.

Three. Do not use lubricant casually

Some friends often like to drop some lubricating oil in the lock eyes when the door lock appears to be astringent or tight. In this way, it may be smooth, but because the oil is easy to stick to the ash, the dust will be deposited slowly in the lock eye, and the oil putty is formed, which makes the door lock easier to fail.

The correct solution is to cut some pencils or some candles, and then blow into the lock core through a thin tube, then insert the key and rotate it several times.