Stainless steel door lock purchase

- Mar 28, 2019-

Safety and durability have become the only way to choose stainless steel door locks. Which one should we pay attention to in the choice of lock body? Now let me tell you one by one.

First of all, from a safety point of view, I prefer to choose a stainless steel lock body. Because the lock body of the stainless steel door lock is made of imported precision cast 304 material, it is superior to the ordinary materials on the market. Designed from the overall structure, the stainless steel door lock body is made of cast stainless steel rotor, precision cast stainless steel rudder, solid cast stainless steel square tongue, with special special anti-saw pin, anti-saw, sturdy, safety factor high.

Moreover, the liner is also made of solid stainless steel, the thickness is up to 3mm, the door buckle plate is up to 1.5mm, the lock body of the stainless steel door lock is made of the latest water grinding technology, the surface is brighter, more beautiful and high-grade. The traditional double-opening installation of the door buckle plate will appear A relatively large door seam, and the door panel of this stainless steel door lock just fills the door seam, just to make up for this defect, will also steal the door stealing tongue and then open the door.

From the perspective of durability, the lock body of zinc alloy is more prone to wear during the daily operation, which may result in the phenomenon that the stainless steel lock body may not open smoothly or the tongue may not be exhausted. In this case, the use of the stainless steel lock body loses its own functional effect.