Stainless steel door lock accessories

- Mar 28, 2019-

The stainless steel door lock fittings are mainly composed of an inner handle seat, an outer handle seat, a lock seat, a linkage device, a button, a door lock tongue, and the like. The lock seat is provided with a lock head and a linkage device to fit the device in the hole in the door, and the inner and outer handle seats are fitted on the inner and outer sides of the door with the lock seat position, and the rack of the linkage device and the door lock tongue are Pick up. A set of starting components is arranged behind the linkage device. The starting component can be divided into an external pressure body, an inner pressure body and a push piece. The outer pressure body is placed in the inner pressure body, and the inner pressure body is pressed against the abutting block of the driving gear in the gear set. On, the switch that controls the door lock tongue.