Some problems still exist with the inductive electronic door lock system

- Dec 01, 2018-

Some problems still exist with the inductive electronic door lock system

The early intelligent electronic door lock was a magnetic card lock using a magnetic card as the opening key, mainly used in hotel rooms. With the development of semiconductor technology, contact IC card smart electronic door locks with stronger functions and higher reliability have become mainstream. The main advantage of the contact type IC card electronic lock is that the card has a large storage capacity and a complete and complete mechanism. The intelligent electronic door lock can flexibly set a variety of door opening permissions, prevent illegal copying, and realize hierarchical management and sub-regional management. Its time control function and storage door-opening record function completely changed the single state of the mechanical door lock function, making the door lock become a part of the management system, greatly improving the management level and service level, and thus gradually became one of the basic facilities of the star-rated hotel.

Now in the upscale apartment, we can already see the trace of inductive IC card (also known as non-contact IC card). Inductive IC card technology is developing rapidly. A new generation of intelligent electronic door lock based on inductive IC card technology is also available. It came into being. Since the inductive intelligent electronic door lock has no mechanical contact during use and does not generate friction, the wear of the induction card and the intelligent electronic door lock can be reduced, and the failure rate of the intelligent electronic door lock can be reduced.

However, the drawbacks of the inductive intelligent electronic door lock system are still quite a few. In terms of security, it is necessary to prevent the card from being illegally copied and unlocked in an abnormal manner (such as tool dialing, smashing, sucking with a strong magnet, etc.), and the lock body should have a certain ability to resist external damage.

In order to prevent the proximity of the proximity card, each sensor card is usually encrypted before it leaves the factory. Different users use different passwords. The card issuance management software is also protected by a password to prevent unauthorized persons from using the card issuing management software to illegally manufacture the card. Due to the three-lock anti-lock cylinder, when the laboratory door is closed, the anti-dial lock is pressed by the door frame, and the main lock is automatically locked, and cannot be opened or opened by the tool. In addition, the clutch mechanism driven by the motor has the function of preventing the strong magnet from being sucked, and the front lock body does not have any nails exposed on the lock body, and the tamper can be removed.

The reliability of the inductive intelligent electronic door lock system is also very important. At present, the comprehensive reliability of the system can be improved by both hardware design and software design. In terms of hardware, the selected main processor PIC16F73 has high anti-interference ability. It contains a “Watchdog (WDT)” circuit with independent RC oscillator, which can automatically reset and restore the CPU when the program runs. Normal operation; hardware write protection for EEPROM storing important data to avoid data loss when it is interfered; use patch components as much as possible, strictly perform aging screening to ensure component quality; in PCB wiring, take a series of measures to improve resistance Interference ability.