Smart products circle Zhongshan activities - door lock and technology solutions business meeting

- Jun 18, 2018-

The smart product circle has entered one of the smart door lock industrial clusters, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, holding the "Zhongshan intelligent door lock and technology solutions business meeting". This event is guided by the association of intelligent families in Shenzhen. The smart product circle and the sled Consulting Co sponsored.

This event has attracted a large number of intelligent door lock enterprises in Zhongshan and surrounding areas, upstream technology providers and relevant supporting enterprises. Not only is the venue full, but also around the main sitting area is full of partners who want to get industry information and industry thinking.

Qin Wei, a consulting industry analyst, brought the research and analysis of the domestic smart door lock Market in 2017 and the market prospect in 2018. Qin Wei believes that, compared to the high concentration of brands in the apartment market, intelligent door locks are extremely scattered, even if the first 15 brand manufacturers have not more than 30% of the market capacity, and therefore more competitive opportunities. In the future, the linkage between family door locks and cameras, smart speakers and other devices will bring greater ecological value. In Zhongshan, a large number of enterprises with traditional locks, should find their own industry orientation, and choose appropriate partners to integrate into the wisdom of the family ecology.