Smart lock product classification

- Mar 09, 2019-

Password lock: unlock by password, can be divided into mechanical password lock and keyboard password lock.

Inductive IC card lock: It is also divided into contact IC card lock and non-contact type. Contact type locks the card lock, and the internal card reader of the chip lock contacts the non-contact type. This process is not needed, and only the card and the card reader of the lock need to be brought together.

Electromagnetic lock: It is made by applying electromagnetic principle. The electromagnetic force reaches several hundred kilograms. Under the locked state, the average person can't open it. Deadly, it is impossible to close the door after a power outage, so it is generally used in a manned access door, which is used in conjunction with a mechanical lock.

Bio-lock: With the development of biometric technology, fingerprint locks, palm print locks, retina recognition locks, etc. have emerged.