Smart lock in the era of smart home

- Nov 17, 2018-

"Smart lock" in the era of smart home

In the era of smart home, how to choose the smart door lock that you really need in your heart? This is the question you have to consider. You may tell me: "Safe, good-looking, easy-to-use, good service, and cost-effective is what I want." This may be the common standard for every consumer, when you go online or go to the market. At the time, you can't start, or you want to come back if you don't want it.

The current smart home market is a start-up market. Therefore, it is normal for some emperor new clothes products to be counterfeited. In order to make consumers better understand the smart lock, choose the smart lock that suits you. I personally analyze the following how to buy a suitable smart lock:

1, smart lock: the value of the face should be high, you must choose the "locked with the door designed products"

It is very important to have a good lock and look good. At least he can play a finishing touch. Since the smart lock is a durable product for home safety, he is not a product that can be used independently. He must be installed in various doors to use it together, so it is not a problem that is not good to lock. After installing it, this door is more Good-looking, more tasteful questions. An excellent lock designer, he is definitely not designed for the lock, but for the harmony of the door and the lock, the door lock is designed in harmony with the home.

2, smart lock: no APP is not smart, no cloud is not convenient.

The successful development of Internet and APP mobile phone unlocking has made the intelligent lock intelligent to a very high level. The lock without APP unlock is not a smart lock. Nowadays, fingerprint locks, sensor locks and password locks on the market are no smart, so the era of traditional fingerprint locks, sensor locks and password locks has ended. We began to enter the era of wireless Internet technology, intelligent encryption and decryption technology, and cloud technology across borders. All operations are as simple as opening the app of the mobile phone, the emergence of the cloud key, the problem of all distances, the problem that the traditional lock can not solve is easily solved.

3, smart lock: the new standard of security: that is, anti-small, also prevent gentleman

The intelligent encryption and decryption system will make security safer, make safe operation easier, and prevent hacker decoding (anti-gentleman). Mechanical anti-theft can prevent damage, anti-mite, anti-twist and other destructive opening (anti-small).

4, smart lock: adaptability, signal is not affected by the environment.

No matter how good the mobile phone is, the smart lock is good, and the signal is not received, it becomes garbage. Because the installation environment of smart lock products is more complicated, the impact of the environment will be great, such as the docking of wireless signals, the interference of other signals, and the shielding of signals. It will directly affect the experience of the lock. Therefore, an excellent smart door lock, whether installed on wooden doors, steel doors, steel doors, will not be affected, whether in the house, near the door or at the far door or corner, he performed very well.

5, smart door lock: the price is right, do not be a local tyrant.

Nowadays, some traditional smart locks on the market, especially some so-called smart brands, including foreign brands, have thousands of ordinary cost fingerprints locked in thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of days in the market, and sell on the Internet. Today in the Internet thinking has become a joke of the local tyrants, a lock of thousands of dollars is itself a funeral of the Internet age. The advanced smart lock of about a thousand yuan is already very remarkable. With the popularity of Internet technology, this price will continue to drop, because the Internet has already squeezed all the water.

6, smart lock: perfect service is very important

The service charge of smart locks is relatively high, and the selection of services is sometimes more important than the selection of locks. The perfection of the service network is very important. No matter what kind of smart lock and service strength is not open, without a perfect network, the service is difficult to achieve. The smart lock with the Internet mindset can still be opened, because your good evaluation is his most important pursuit.

7, smart lock: don't forget the feelings of the elderly and children

I don't know when it started, smart products became patents for young people. You have to understand: Smart locks are a household item, and taking care of each member's experience can make the home more harmonious. Looking at the current smart locks, it is rare to see products that can be designed for the elderly.