Smart lock feature

- Nov 29, 2018-

Smart lock feature

Perfect design: Smart door lock is a classic door lock that is designed to be a five-star luxury hotel. It is distinguished by many excellent hotel smart door locks with its excellent quality and stable performance.

Material structure: The lock panel of the intelligent door lock is made of stainless steel. It is stronger than other common brand hotel lock panels. It is completely suitable for use in public environments. It is more resistant to damage and has a longer service life.

Handle structure: The use of a free handle ‚ relative to the static handle can effectively prevent violent damage. At the same time, the handle is double-spring and durable.

Surface treatment: Due to the use of pure SUS304 stainless steel yoke plate, never leg color ‚ is more advanced than the zinc alloy process plus plating lock plate ‚.

Reliable performance: T5557 card or Mifare1 card module, the coil is sealed inside the card, it is not easy to be affected by external influences, and the service life is longer; there is no mechanical contact between the RF card and the reader, which avoids various kinds of contact and reading. malfunction. The use of electronic components such as imported motor micro-switches is stable and reliable.

Easy to use: Micro-wave induction method can be turned on only by sensing it in the sensing area in front of the door lock.

Lock core introduction:

American standard: The lock core used in the series of intelligent locks adopts the standard five-tongue lock core design. The internal use of the reinforced structure ‚ 20 parts make the internal structure of the lock core simple and durable.

Patented free motor design: patented free motor design, sturdy and durable, with dual gears and transmissions to ensure the durability of the lock body.

Excellent hand feeling: The friction coefficient of each component and accessory of the lock cylinder has been calculated to the most accurate. At the same time, the spring force coefficient of the moving part is taken into consideration in the design to ensure the perfect feeling of the lock cylinder when turning the handle and turning the anti-locking hand.

Surface treatment: The lock core is treated with Japanese electrophoretic paint or electroplated zinc to prevent corrosion and rust.

Circuit module introduction:

Customers can choose T5557 card module or Mifare1 card module as needed.

T5557 card module: T5557 card chip circuit adopts American Atmel company encryption card ‚ tuning frequency 125kHz ‚ can be encrypted ‚ data volume is 330 bits ‚ 64-bit ID number 唤醒 wake-up response function ‚ read and write performance stable quality reliable, stable performance ‚ Global uniqueness ‚ high security. Easy to operate, just touch it in the sensing area in front of the door lock to open it.

Mifare1 card module: It adopts the Mifare1 encryption card of PHILIPS of the Netherlands. It is based on the 13.56MHz frequency series card reader module. It conforms to the ISO14443 standard. It adopts ultra-small, ultra-large-scale integrated circuit package, global uniqueness and high security performance. The card is 16 partitions. Each partition has an independent password. It can expand the card. Each partition can realize independent functions. The function of one card can actually use multiple cards, such as door lock, parking, consumption, attendance and so on.

Basic performance parameters of the door lock:

·Working voltage: 6V.4 high energy alkaline battery

·Static power consumption: <15 microamps

· Dynamic power consumption: 120 mA ~ 180 mA

·Battery life: 4 months to 6 months under normal use

·Low-voltage alarm: When the voltage is lower than 4.8V, you can open the door dozens of times or more.

·Emergency opening: no control, even if the tongue is locked, it can open the door.

·Opening time: press the handle and open the door once. It will automatically open without locking the door for 10 seconds.

·Reliability: There will be no mistakes in the normal card insertion 1000 times.

· Record: Store the latest 350 items in the lock

·Guarantee conditions: the circuit inside any illegal card lock will not be damaged, and it can still be used normally.

·Mechanical key: mechanical emergency mechanism with completely independent transmission system to ensure that the door lock can still be opened normally in case of emergency

·Installation requirements: the door thickness is between 38-35mm. If the door surface has lace, the lace should be more than 105mm from the door edge.

· Operating temperature: 10 ° C -70 ° C (special requirements up to 35 ° C -85 ° C)