Smart door locks into a place where big giants fight

- Nov 16, 2018-

Smart door locks into a place where big giants fight

According to relevant data analysis, the scale of China's smart home market will reach 180 billion yuan by 2018. Such a huge market, of course, the major giants and various capitals are reluctant to give up or miss opportunities. As a smart home entry-level product, the smart door lock industry has naturally become a must for all major giants and major capitals.

Smart security becomes a must for the giants

Smart home has always been regarded as the living room economy, but the market proves that the previous judgments are wrong, the smart home needs to be security, and the security is inseparable from the smart lock, so the giants gradually turn their eyes from the living room to the door. Locked. The first to intervene in the smart lock industry is the home appliance giant.

The domestic smart lock market is expected to reach 100 billion yuan

According to relevant surveys, the penetration rate of smart locks in Europe and the United States has reached 50%, and the number of Japanese and Korean homes has exceeded 70%, while the installation rate of smart locks in China is still less than 3%. However, more than 90% of the more than 400 million families in China are willing to upgrade their traditional locks to smart locks, which means that China's smart lock market will reach 100 billion yuan in the future. At the same time, the scale of China's smart lock market has reached 6 billion in 2016, and the shipment volume has exceeded 2 million sets, an increase of 40% over 2015. In addition, the number of smart door lock companies has grown from a few hundred in 2015 to more than a thousand.

In recent years, with the fiery hot concept of smart home, smart door locks as smart home entry-level products are gradually gaining end user recognition. Therefore, it has become a battleground for all major giants and various capitals. Some agencies predict that in the next three years, the smart door lock industry will enter the development period of the competition.