Smart door lock, what you choose is really what you want?

- Jun 01, 2019-

In the era of smart home, how to choose a smart door lock that you really need in your heart? This is the question you have to consider.

You may tell me: "Safe, good-looking, easy-to-use, good service, and cost-effective is what I want." This may be the common standard for every consumer, when you go online or go to the market. At the time, you can't start, or you want to come back if you don't want it.

The current smart home market is a start-up market. Therefore, it is normal for some emperor new clothes products to be counterfeited. In order to make consumers better understand the smart lock, choose the smart lock that suits you. I personally analyze how to buy a suitable smart lock as follows:

1, smart lock: the value of the face should be high, you must choose the "locked with the door designed products"

A good lock is very important, at least he can play a finishing touch. Since the smart lock is a durable product for home safety, he is not a product that can be used independently. He must be installed in a variety of doors to use it together, so it is not a problem that is not good to lock. It is installed after the door. Good-looking, more tasteful questions. An excellent lock designer, he is definitely not designed for the lock, but for the harmony of the door and the lock, the door lock is designed in harmony with the home.

The intelligent designer of walnuts instills this spirit. This walnut intelligent door lock, whether installed in wooden doors, iron doors, Chinese and European styles, is simple and complicated, and the quality of the door is upgraded when installed. On the other hand, a lot of imported big brands, the locks are made very big, very local, just look at the lock is very angry, as long as one is installed on the door, no matter how good the door is terrible. This is a common problem for consumers to choose the appearance! (The harmony of the product is the beauty, the lock that is not in the west will completely destroy the image of the whole door and the whole house. This is the designer's advice!) You know: choose a dress, you will talk to you. The body, skin color, trousers, shirts, outerwear, shoes, socks, belts, bags, etc. should be harmonious. The door locks are the same, and the discordant door locks are high-end and no matter how good you are.