Smart door lock purchase tips

- May 15, 2019-

Just because smart door locks are increasingly favored by consumers and hotels, consumers should know more about the common sense of buying smart door locks, so I will teach you how to buy smart door locks today!

1. Be sensitive when the door lock card or sensor key card is used. It is necessary to repeat the continuous card insertion or the induction key card to operate normally after opening the door. There should be no "no reaction" or "error" and "motor rotation" phenomenon. To investigate the information of the brand door lock, the clock is not easy to be confused, as long as the performance of the smart door lock is stable, those so-called additional functions do not necessarily have a practical effect. The door lock of the circuit with its own error correction function should be selected. If you choose an immature product, you may not be able to use it or maintain a lot of work. Keyu intelligent door lock circuit microcomputer chip control, the circuit comes with information error correction function, which makes the circuit processing information more stable. The induction door lock adopts double clock correction error rate is very low, and the induction door lock uses wireless data collector for door lock maintenance. It is very convenient to collect the open door record data.

2. Select the induction card door lock first to check its sensing sensitivity and then understand the static power consumption of the sensor door lock. Because the general sensor door locks are powered by dry batteries, it is important to understand the static power consumption of the sensor door locks. Some brand induction door locks are currently available. Four batteries can be used continuously for more than one year, and some brands change batteries in less than a month. Frequent battery changes can seriously affect the use.

3. When using the magnetic card door lock, you should know whether the door lock reader has developed its own encryption algorithm for the card reader or use the universal magnetic card reader. If a card is written by a universal card reader, others can copy the card with a universal card reader and cannot achieve confidentiality. Keyu newly introduced IC card plus magnetic card door lock, guest card with magnetic card, administrator and maintenance information with IC card, magnetic card reader's card reader module own encryption algorithm.

4, the choice of intelligent door locks should use the material of the door lock panel and the surface plating is uniform, claiming whether the copper plate is made of copper or steel plated, whether the stainless steel plate uses 304 stainless steel or the price is 2 to 3 times lower than the stainless steel. Iron, users can also choose PVD surface treatment. If you choose the plating surface, you should see if the door lock surface has a protective paint. Keyu has always insisted that the products are real materials, such as the nominal pure copper panel, the handle must be pure copper, such as the nominal 304 stainless steel material must be 304 stainless steel. Pure copper forged is made of imported high quality brass rods. The thickness and weight of the panel can be guaranteed. The plating layer fully meets the salt spray test standard.

5, the door lock presses the handle to open the door lock should be flexible and smooth, there should be no serious mechanical friction sound in the lock body. With a light force, you can press the handle and press it back. Normally. Mechanical transmission can not be fully lubricated by oil. It depends on the connection of mechanical parts. If it is completely lubricated by oil, once the oil is dried for a long time, the door lock will fail frequently.

6. The lock body of the standard five-lock tongue structure should be selected, and the lock body of the lock body should be driven by a motor. Keyu intelligent door lock body is improved on the basis of the original foreign famous brand lock body. The structure lock body has the highest domestic and external use rate, reasonable structure, low part wear, excellent performance, convenient installation and long service life. The normal service life is more than 15 years, and has been praised by users. The insurance tongue and anti-locking tongue have the functions of anti-insertion and anti-smashing. The square tongue (anti-lock tongue) is applied with a reinforcing structure to effectively prevent the square tongue from breaking or bending when the wind is blown or the door is closed when the door is opened. Keyu's improved reinforced structure of the square tongue is mostly concentrated on the tongue of the thickest tongue (12mm thick), and the distance between the points of force is shortened so that the strength of the improved square tongue is greater. More than double. However, other brands use the original structure to improve the lock body to distribute a large part of the force to the weakest point of the tongue (3mm thick). The square tongue is too strong, and the tail of the tongue is bent, so that the tongue cannot be fully returned. Can't open it. Don't be misled by other so-called small locks or new locks, because the lock body is modified by the barely installed electronic control part of the structure of the household door lock. Because of the different use environment and the increased frequency of use, the lock is so strong. Poor physical performance and limited life.

7. Cards are divided into IC card, TM card, magnetic card and proximity card. The most used ones are IC card (contact type) and proximity card (non-contact) door lock. IC card door locks generally use Siemens cards (now Shanghai Bay) Ling, Fudan and other cards are compatible). Inductive cards used in proximity card locks mostly use TEMIC cards (many are called inductive IC cards, which can read and write data with a capacity of 33). Hotel sensor door locks generally make TEMIC cards. Philips MF1 card (can be divided into multiple areas to read and write data function capacity of 1000 bytes, large capacity, card price and TEMIC is similar but the door lock price is much more expensive) Many consumption, attendance, open the card with MF1 card. There is also an ID card (ID card is a string of codes that have been set at the factory, can only read information, can not write information into the card) ID card is generally used in home, apartment smart lock without computer management system, the price of ID card It is about half of the TEMIC card. At present, there are many enterprises that manufacture cards. Many smart lock factories use smaller card manufacturers to make cards, which cannot guarantee the purchase of chips (many parallel imports of electronic components) and packaging and pattern printing processes.

8. The appearance of the door lock is selected according to the user's hobby and decoration configuration. For example, the hotel recommendation is generally ideal for using a more elegant appearance.

9. Use a whirlwind handle or a non-empty spinner? There is no problem based on years of use. It is recommended to use a non-empty lock body. The non-empty lock body is not affected by the deflection when the panel is installed.