Several types of locks

- Nov 17, 2018-

Several types of locks

 According to the structure of the lock, it can be divided into the following forms:

1. marble structure: a set of basic cylindrical parts to lock or release the structure of the lock core.

2. blade structure: a set of parts in the shape of a piece, which is used to lock or release the structure of the lock core.

3. Magnetic structure: The parts made of magnetic materials are used to lock the structure.

4. password structure: a structure consisting of digital codes.

5. electronic coding structure: the structure composed of electronic principle coding.

In addition, for the door lock, the shape of the lock tongue has a square tongue, a slanted tongue, a knuckle, etc., and the number of the lock tongue is divided into a single tongue and a double tongue; according to the number of locks, it is divided into a single head lock (an outdoor key switch) and a double Head lock (key switch for both indoor and outdoor). The tongue can be freely retractable and called the live tongue. It is mostly inclined and rounded for the door to open. It is used to lock the door with a key or a knob. It is mainly used for locking the door, also called the static tongue.

According to the safety device, the door lock is divided into three types: single insurance, double insurance and three insurance. The role of lock insurance is three types: lock tongue insurance, indoor insurance, and outdoor insurance. The three types are called three insurance.