Select the security door must pay attention to see 5 indicators

- Nov 26, 2018-

Select the security door must pay attention to see 5 indicators

How to select qualified products in a wide variety of security door markets? Look at the following five indicators.

First, the anti-theft level steel stamp new national standard will be the original three levels of security doors changed to "A", "B", "C", "Ding" four levels, the highest level A, in turn decreasing. The anti-theft security level of the new national standard is represented by the four letters “J”, “Y”, “B” and “D”, which are generally marked on the inner side of the hinge of the security door, at a height of 1600 mm ± 100 mm from the ground. And is a permanent fixed sign. Second, the number of lock points and locks anti-theft level

The quality of the lock depends mainly on the number of lock points, that is, the number of lock points. When the key is turned on in the open state of the security door, the point protruding on the door leaf is the lock point. In theory, the more lock points, the greater the tamper resistance, but it does not mean that the more the lock points, the safer the security door. Because the lock points of the security door are controlled by the lock cylinder, even if there are 12 lock points of the Class A security door, all the lock points are controlled by a lock cylinder. Therefore, when picking the security door, you should check the anti-theft level standard of the lock. China's current lock grades are divided into three grades: A grade, B grade and super grade B. Super grade B is the best. Third, the door thickness

The new national standard stipulates that the thickness of the steel plate of the security door frame should be more than 2 mm, the thickness of the door body is generally above 20 mm, and the weight of the door should generally be above 40 kg. In terms of materials, copper security doors are the best, followed by stainless steel security doors and aluminum alloy security doors. Fourth, the internal structure of the door

For a more comprehensive understanding of the security door, you may wish to remove the cat's eye, doorbell box and other components to see the internal situation. For example, you can look at the thickness of the steel, whether there is a filler that can play the role of fire prevention, sound insulation, etc. It is best to see if the connection between the front and rear panels of the door is normal. 5. Is there a smash-proof sleeve and a cat-eye protector?

If you want to strengthen the security level of the security door, you can take some measures yourself. For example, add a tamper-proof cover to the door lock, or load a cat-eye device on the cat's eye.