Select fingerprint locks

- Feb 05, 2019-

Higher security:

The biggest change in the introduction of the new anti-theft intelligent lock standard is that Class A security doors must be equipped with high-end C-class anti-theft locks. 

Better mechanism:

Simple but reliable, it is an important principle pursued by the fingerprint smart lock industry. The structure of the smart digital lock is often the place where a lock lives. Structural design is the most important part for manufacturers, and the reliable and compact structure is hidden behind the simple appearance. The more complex in the structural design, the higher the materials and manufacturing processes required.

Better material:

The improvement of the quality of high-end smart anti-theft locks also depends on better materials, and the use of higher-strength, better materials is necessary to adapt to structural and design needs.

Unique design:

The highlights of intelligent door locks should be exquisite, simple and elegant. Looking at the design of existing smart lock, high-quality products are usually come from unique and artistic creation rather than cheap and low-quality products.


The complexity of high-end security doors should not be an excuse for practical use. In fact, convenience is the goal pursued by advanced smart locks. Regardless of how the slogans boast, the convenient and fast user experience is the closest to the customer.