Security experts talk about how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks: lock tongue, electrode is the key

- Nov 27, 2018-

Security experts talk about how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks: lock tongue, electrode is the key

Look at the lock tongue: one-way lock tongue anti-theft limited

The one-way locking tongue has limited anti-theft performance when facing a tough object such as a card. In the demonstration, the reporter saw the door lock with the reverse lock tongue attached. The lock tongue could not be pressed from one side. Only when the lock body was opened, the lock tongues in both directions could be opened from the inside.

In fact, the anti-theft door lock body used in Zhou Ayi’s home was designed with a single-sided lock tongue. The thief successfully entered the room by destroying the one-sided lock tongue. Compared with the one-way bolt, the design of the reverse bolt avoids the possibility of unlocking the damper. When the public chooses the anti-theft door lock, it can easily distinguish the difference between the two designs from the direction of the lock tongue. In addition, it can be determined by pressing to determine the orientation of the lock tongue.

Check the wire: the electrode prevents external force from opening

In addition to the locking tongue, whether the anti-theft door lock is equipped with an electrode is also an important indicator to distinguish the safety level. In general, the electrodeless door lock can be used to unlock the lock body by external force and force the lock cylinder to unlock. If the electrode is installed in the lock body, the lock cylinder is always in a dead state unless it is turned on. In addition, the electrode can be connected to the alarm device at home. If the thief is forced to unlock, the electrode must be cut off, and the alarm device can generate an alarm. When the public is looking at the door lock, just pay attention to the lock body and leave the external wire, you can easily determine whether the lock core is equipped with an electrode.

Unlocking your phone is not safe

When talking about the safe and efficient mobile phone identification and intelligent unlocking function on the market today, Dong Quan is very cautious. He told reporters that this kind of mobile phone unlocking and intelligent software unlocking is a kind of gimmick. The security is limited. "For example, if the citizen's mobile phone is lost, or the other party steals the database information, these so-called safe and efficient selling points become a loophole full of security risks, and become a channel for personal information disclosure."

In fact, among the high-end smart door locks currently on the market, only the four types of door locks, such as electronic password, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and finger vein recognition technology, are the most reliable. Among them, the fingerprint identification lock, the iris recognition lock and the finger vein identification lock all adopt biometric identification technology, and the recognition accuracy is high. The finger vein recognition lock is a relatively new recognition technology. The infrared LED is used to illuminate the fluoroscopy, and the hemoglobin reaction in the vein is recorded. The digital image is compared and unlocked with the highest precision.