Security door smart lock new breakthrough

- Dec 04, 2018-

Security door smart lock new breakthrough

The technical piracy of the master key is not guarded. Technical thieves are equivalent to amateur unlocking companies. In the case of unregulated management of unlocking companies, unlocking companies are equivalent to amateur thieves.

1. Inventive motivation:

The inventor deeply felt and observed many shortcomings of the traditional bullet lock security door in daily life, such as:

1.1 lower security performance -

(1) There is no defense against the technical piracy of the master key. A technical thief is equivalent to an amateur unlocking company. In the case of irregular management of the unlocking company, the unlocking company is equivalent to an amateur thief;

(2) The repetition rate is high. In a doorway, even a building in a building can open the security door, occasionally;

(3) The lock cylinder is exposed and damaged. The anti-theft door lock cylinder was plugged to death, and the owner could not open the door, and the situation of burglary by destroying the lock cylinder occasionally occurred.

In the above situation, there have been frequent reports (it is well documented).

1.2 use trouble. Finding the key to unlock the number and opening one after another is something that everyone almost has to experience every day.

On the basis of the perceptual knowledge of the above situation, the inventor, through rational analysis and a large number of market investigations, believes that this is a rare opportunity for invention with great commercial opportunities.

2. Research and development process:

2.1 From March 2001 to the end of 2002, the development of motor locks replacing the ball locks began, and the first batch of functional door was made. The batch door has fully met the design requirements in terms of function and won the praise of the visitors.

2.2 From 2003 to 2006, the inventors made a number of supplements to the original product functions through a large number of research and development practices, and also developed automatic mechanical locks.

3. Patent technology and trademark status:

3.1. All patent technologies of “Enfeng Intelligent Security Products” are independently developed and have independent intellectual property rights.

3.2. Currently there are 12 patented technologies.

3.3. Several other patented technology products are being developed and practiced. The patent draft has been completed and it is planned to wait for an opportunity to apply.

3.4. The trademark has been accepted.

4. Product introduction and development goals

4.1 Product Category

4.1.1 intelligent office door;

4.1.2 intelligent security door;

4.1.3 intelligent building doors;

4.1.4 Household wall-mounted smart safe;

4.1.5 units with smart safes;

4.2 leading products

The leading products of “Enfeng Intelligent Security Products” project include intelligent office doors, intelligent security doors, intelligent building doors and home wall intelligent remote control safes.

4.2.1 Product features.

The main functions of the "Enfeng Intelligent Security Products" products are as follows:

(1) There is no keyhole on the surface, and no hole is allowed in the anti-theft function;

(2) The rolling code remote control signal triggers unlocking;

(3) Unlocking the phone password - in the case of not having a remote control, etc., after dialing the home phone, you can unlock it according to the preset password;

(4) TM card touch unlocking;

(5) The indoor button is quickly unlocked;

(6) After the door is closed, the hand-lifting anti-locking or automatic anti-locking series does not need to forget the anti-locking like the traditional door repeating anti-locking, and the door closing is the anti-locking door;

(7) With remote control sharing function for personal selection - own car, garage, safe, security door, etc. can share a remote control without mutual interference;

(8) There is a telephone alarm function for personal selection - automatically dial the designated telephone alarm when stolen;

(9) There is a liquid display monitoring function for personal selection;

(10) There is a telephone intercom function for personal selection - the head of the household can directly talk to the ringer and decide whether to open the door.

4.2.2 Product performance.

"Enfeng intelligent security products" products have the following advanced features:

(1) Security:

A. The “Enfeng Intelligent Security Products” door products are safer because of the “surface without keyhole” while implementing the relevant national technical protection standards (above B).

B. The door fan of “Enfeng Intelligent Security Products” can be free of any control system, thus avoiding the damage caused by external forces.

(2) Confidentiality: (Rolling code remote control) The ever-changing password cannot be cracked and the mutual opening rate is as low as one-hundredth of a percent; the telephone unlocking item has an incoming call identification function, and the non-designated telephone cannot be stolen even if the password is known. Therefore, the security of the "Qianan" door is unparalleled;

(3) Convenience: The switch door can be fully motorized, and its convenient performance is also unparalleled;

(4) Reliability: The reliability of “smart security products” is mainly reflected in three aspects:

a. The trigger signal for unlocking is in four ways (remote control, TM card, telephone and manual button in the house), and the probability of simultaneous failure of the four modes is zero (except for force majeure factors);

b. The signal receiving part adopts the system side-by-side mode - in the case of a failure of the main board, the sub-board can replace the work;

c. When the battery voltage is lower than 4V, a low-voltage alarm signal can be issued to remind the fault to check or replace the battery. At this time, the door can be opened about 100 times.

4.2.3, "Enfeng intelligent security products" home wall intelligent remote control safe in addition to the above-mentioned door technology, the realization of the overall technology of the overall lock, the overall lock point.

4.2.4 Technical level

(1) Innovation and advancement

Nowadays, metal materials can be widely used in door bodies. The advanced and backwardness of locks has become the only factor that determines the safety, confidentiality and convenience of a door. The development of lock technology is in stark contrast to the rapid development of other fields such as electronic technology: from the invention of mechanical bullet locks in American Yale in 1861 to the present, the use of mechanical locks and functions And the way of using the previous step has not progressed, and all the "improvements" have never changed. Until the "fingerprint lock" and "electronic code lock" that have appeared in a few applications in the past 20 years, they must be matched or coexisted with the pin locks to complete the switching function of a door, so it is not a lock in the complete sense. Therefore, the drawbacks and weaknesses of the bullet lock itself - such as high repetition rate (hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands), no defense against the master key, easy to damage the lock core, troublesome operation, etc., there is no such thing here. Was overcome. Even if they have very limited improvements (such as the general case without the need for a key switch, it is more convenient), it also pays a considerable price - more than two sets of open configuration is more cumbersome. From this we can easily see the hard exploration of the lock technology and the extensive social expectations and significant market value behind this exploration.

In response to this situation, the patent inventor of “Enfeng Intelligent Security Products” cut through the technical revolutionary concept of “letting the marbles lock away”, and developed the “automatic machinery” high-tech locks independently and independently, completely breaking through the bullet lock. The structure and operation principle of the toothed key contact rotary opening and closing, and the perfect combination with the cutting-edge product of the contemporary electronic technology - the rolling code remote control, realizes the mechanical lock without contact signal triggering opening and closing the door automatic locking. This ended the 140-year rule of the marble lock, realizing a qualitative leap in the lock technology, and ended the era of “unnecessary” in the exploration of lock technology for decades, the firmness of the breakthrough and continuous improvement Sexuality and convenience provide a reliable core technology platform to achieve the century revolution in the traditional door industry.

“Automatic Mechanical Lock” is currently in an absolute leading position in the world and represents the highest level of contemporary lock technology. Its comprehensive innovation of the Trinity in the use principle, use function and usage mode will surely create the era of “post-ball lock” for lock security products.

(2) Technology source

All patented technologies of “Enfeng Intelligent Security Products” are independently developed and have independent intellectual property rights.

5. Advantages of project implementation

5.1. This project is a patented technology with independent and independent intellectual property rights and mature technology.

5.2. The market has mature external channels.

5.3. The relevant functional departments of the government have introduced the smart security products.

5.4. The relevant media has begun to pay attention to smart security products and has preferential promotion intentions.

5.5, some businesses in the country have sales intentions.

5.6. Most consumers already have an understanding of smart security products.

(3) Market demand factors

In 2003, China's per capita income exceeded 1,000 US dollars. Experience shows that after per capita income reaches 1,000 US dollars, national consumption demand will be upgraded, and the consumption structure will gradually shift from food and clothing to housing and other.

Some experts pointed out that from 1988 to 2002, China's housing set rate (set ratio = complete residential building area / real residential construction area * 100%) increased from 55% to 73.81%, and increased by 18 in four years. The percentage point is about 26.19 percentage points from the average household. In general, when the housing set rate is close to 90%, the rate of continued improvement will be significantly slowed down. When it is less than 90%, it is a stage of rapid growth. Accordingly, the next three years are still a period of rapid growth.

In the long run, the development speed of China's real estate industry will still be higher than the growth rate of GDP. The upgrading of China's urbanization and consumption structure will serve as two long-term effective factors, which will stimulate the real estate industry to increase GDP growth rate by about 4%. Speed development. Therefore, the door industry that is bundled with the real estate industry will have the same market growth rate within 3 to 5 years.

(3) Target market capacity is 150,000 baht

High-tech products blank market 150,000 baht

As the market for "smart security products" enters the market, there is still a market area where there is no demand for products, that is, the so-called blank market. Therefore, its market growth rate will far exceed the average growth rate of the door industry market. There is reason to believe that the market growth rate of “smart security products” will depend on the company's production capacity and market recognition ability for a long period of time. Therefore, in the next three years or more, with the basic production capacity and sales capacity, the market growth rate, that is, the sales growth rate can reach 100% or even higher; in the period of 3 to 10 years, The market growth rate can also reach more than 50%. Because of the size of the possible financing, the maximum production capacity still has a huge gap with the market capacity –

a. The annual demand for new homes. Since 2003, the annual completion of commercial housing in China has exceeded 6 million sets (excluding rural areas. Source: China Real Estate Network), and is growing at an annual rate of 10%. By 2005, the annual demand for entry doors will reach 8 million baht (the number of entry doors is 7/6 of the number of commercial houses). And 1% of the ultra-high-end real estate can completely become the target market of "smart security products" (ie, the sales market can be realized). This alone, the "smart security products" products have an annual target market of 80,000 baht, and will grow at a rate of 10% in three years, and will grow at a slightly higher growth rate than GDP in three years.

b. Annual replacement of demand. China's existing urban population exceeds 300 million (excluding small and medium-sized cities and towns), with an average of 5 households per household (actually less than 5) and urban households with at least 60 million households. If there is a 1/1000 family entry door to replace the old one with the new one, the actual high is low (actually higher than 1/1000), then the annual demand for “smart security products” is 60,000 樘 (from the sales practice) This part of the sales volume, that is, the retail volume, may be greater than the wholesale sales volume, especially the previous period).

c. Office door demand. Important rooms such as major companies, government agencies, etc. (such as the manager's office, the finance office, the director's office, etc.), the annual demand will not be less than 10,000 baht.

According to the above calculations, the total target market capacity of the “Intelligent Security Products” product is 150,000 baht. This measure is not exaggerated but rather conservative and robust. Therefore, the market sales volume and its growth rate in the next 3 to 5 years will mainly depend on the pre-production capacity of the enterprise and the market cognitive ability of the product. For example, the production capacity and product promotion (market awareness) ability can make the market sales base reach 2% of the target market capacity (generally 5%), then the market sales volume and its growth in the first five years are shown in Table 3. Shown (see II, 3.1.3)

8.3.2 Potential Market Analysis

(1) Reduce the price through mass production and reduce the selling price, and expand the target market from ultra-high-end real estate and ultra-high-end consumers to medium-to-high-end real estate and middle-to-high-end consumer groups (ie, from 1% to 3.8%). This will increase the target market by 3.8 times, even if the target market for “smart security products” is 570,000.

(2) A series of “smart security products” products other than products.

China's "Energy Defense Products" products as an industry are actually just emerging. Its proportion in GDP is more than ten times lower than that of developed countries. Because of this, its development momentum is rapid and the market potential is huge.

A series of "smart security products" products other than products, such as safes, safes, smart windows, bullet cabinets, and treasury doors, have a market total (in sales) that is at least five times that of the door. If the door is used as the calculation unit, the total capacity of the domestic target market equivalent to the series of “smart security products” is 2.85 million baht.

(3) International market.

Whether it is from the perspective of price acceptance or conceptual acceptance, the markets of developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are at least equivalent to the domestic market. Therefore, the total global market capacity (real and potential) of the series of “smart security products” products is about 5.7 million baht (based on the door product. This is only equivalent to 2.85 of the annual sales volume during the peak period of “Panpan”. Double. So it is not sensational).