Security door fingerprint lock is not good

- Mar 25, 2019-

1. The reasonable design of the front and rear panels, that is, the appearance, is a sign that is significantly different from similar products. The more important internal structure layout directly determines the stability and function of the product. This process involves many aspects such as design, mold making, and surface treatment. Therefore, the more manufacturers of styles, the relative development and design capabilities are stronger and the stability is better.

2, lock body. That is, the mother of the bolt that can be connected to the door. The quality of the lock directly determines the life of the product. This is the core technology of mechanical technology, and it is also the lifeblood of fingerprint lock. It is also a difficult problem in the industry. 95% of the existing production units can not solve the problem, mainly through outsourcing. A strong manufacturer has the ability to design and develop locks. Therefore, the lock body is the core component that truly reflects the technical level of the manufacturer, and is also the core technology of the entire fingerprint lock.

3. Motor. The motor is the drive. Just like the computer's driver software. It is the connection equipment of electronics and machinery, and the core of power conversion plays a major role in linking up and down. If the motor stops working or obstacles, the lock will automatically open and cannot be locked.

4. Fingerprint module and application system. This is the basis of the electronic part. Fingerprint module, the peer function is almost the same, mainly depends on which chip is used, which algorithm is used, after a long-term market verification, the effect is very good.