Safety lock purchase and daily maintenance knowledge

- Nov 17, 2018-

Safety lock purchase and daily maintenance knowledge

Although the lock is a small hardware product that is not eye-catching, it has a very close relationship with people, which is related to the safety of every family, unit and public place. Locks are a special kind of commodity and have a very important relationship with safety. Therefore, whether it is domestic or foreign, the lock industry has a set of extremely strict quality standards and safety requirements. The following is an introduction to the purchase and daily maintenance of locks provided by Wanshou Hardware Machine Grid. It introduces consumers to the basic common sense of locks, so that consumers have a basic understanding of locks and increase their understanding and understanding of locks. I hope that readers can benefit from it.

Hardware lock

Lock purchase:

First, we must first recognize whether the product has a factory name, site, trademark and whether there is a qualified inspection report issued by a professional quality inspection agency.

Second, the lock should be clear in appearance, the surface is not rough, and it feels comfortable. The lock is opened and rotated flexibly, the locking device should be functional, and the feeling of failure cannot be felt when the hand is felt, and the security performance is good.

Third, the material should be moderate when purchasing, the hand should be firm and reliable, and do not use a variety of locks made of inferior materials.

Fourth, the installation of the lock is also a key: the installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the product manual, to recognize the installation center distance, the scope of application and the opening method of the lock. Special care must be taken not to install on wooden doors with high humidity to prevent corrosion of harmful substances.

5. Normally, the lock body is kept clean to prevent foreign matter from entering the lock cylinder, causing rolling when opening, and even the lock cannot be opened.