Rekey the cost of door lock

- Feb 23, 2019-

Rekey the cost of  door lock

If you relock the lock yourself, you must consider the cost of the necessary materials and the time to perform the process. Depending on the type of lock you have, the homeowner can purchase a replacement kit from your local hardware store. The price of these repackaged kits can be as low as $8 and up to (sometimes higher than) $300. The difference in these prices depends on the type of lock you have and the type of replacement kit you want. The typical cost of a key decoder is between $1 and $20.

In order to determine the cost of locking the key, you must look at the factors responsible for determining the cost of rekeying. When considering the costs below, you should keep in mind that even though most lock-up updates will start at a fixed price, prices are always subject to change based on other factors. 

If handled by a locksmith, the basic cost of relocking the lock is $19 and the price can be increased from there. This is usually the starting point for the most basic locks. The most basic lock takes only a small amount of time to regenerate the key, especially if you just retyped one and you didn't set up the master key system.

The basic cost of relocking multiple locks also starts at $19 when handled by a professional locksmith. If each lock re-encrypted is the same, the price will increase in proportion to the number of re-encrypted locks.