Refers to the technique of capturing a face image or video stream with a camera or camera and automatically detecting and tracking the face in the image.

- May 26, 2019-

The face recognition principle extracts the face image feature and then searches and matches the feature template stored in the database. By setting a threshold, when the similarity exceeds the threshold, the result of the matching is output.

Process face detection, image preprocessing, face image feature extraction, and matching and recognition.

Advantages The recognized face image information can be detected without being touched, actively acquired, and not detected by the measured individual, and can sort, judge and identify multiple faces.

Disadvantages Faces are susceptible to variability, and can also be affected by beards, obstructions (masks), age, makeup, light, and the like.

Face recognition is safe. Face recognition technology is still immature. There are still many loopholes. Faces may be copied, and heavy makeup, allergies, injuries, and facelifting on the face may affect the accuracy of face recognition or even unrecognizable.

Can face recognition use photos? The previous face recognition technology is 2D face recognition. You can use photos. Now face recognition technology. Some face recognition needs to use blinking, shaking your head, opening your mouth, etc. to ensure whether For the living body.

How to crack face recognition can be done by injecting the application to tamper with the program to bypass the live detection, download software that can make the picture into dynamic video, 3D modeling, etc. can be cracked.