Password padlock forgot password how to do?

- May 19, 2019-

1. First take the flashlight, or face the bright place, look carefully at the password lock wheel;

2. Rotate each lock wheel in turn, and stop when there is a recess on each lock wheel disc. Then adjust the next password lock wheel (Figure 2);

3, because the recess corresponds to the left and right sides, so make sure that the recesses are all on the same line;

4. (The most critical step) Each corresponding value is rotated clockwise (or counterclockwise) by one grid. Generally, the number of rotations is less than 5 times and you will succeed.

For example, the original good value is “7-4-2” in Figure 2, then the next group is “6-3-1”, then the next group is “5-2-0”...

Once the password lock is unlocked, the next step is to change the password.