Panel mounting

- Mar 07, 2019-

Panel mounting

(1) Before installing the panel, press the door to open the handle. The front and rear panels should be parallel to the door. Do not adjust the left and right distances to make the handle and the horizontal direction of the lock body consistent. Adjust the up and down distance to keep the handle in line with the vertical direction of the lock body.

(2) Put the front rod into the lock body hole from the outside, then insert the lock body line and the panel bus bar pair, and the male line passes through the door hole to the back of the door. At this time, the square rod spring can be placed into the handle hole. In the middle, align the front hole of the front panel with the front rod, then install the rear bottom plate from the inside of the door and fix the rear bottom plate and the front panel to the door with screws.

(3) Then insert the rear rod from the inside of the door into the square hole of the lock body, put the spring into the handle hole of the rear panel, and insert the connection line of the rear panel with the male line of the front panel.

(4) Insert the excess wire into the hole, and then put the front panel into the rear pole and install it on the door, and tighten it with screws.

(5) Then install four sections of alkaline batteries to test the installation and function of the lock.