Palmprint recognition technology

- May 27, 2019-

A biometric recognition technique is performed by performing preprocessing and feature extraction by collecting the image of the palm of the finger to the wrist portion.

Palmprint recognition principle Each person's palm line is different, and the texture information is richer than the fingerprint. The line features, point features, texture features and geometric features recorded in the palm print are used to detect the contrast size and then identify.

Process palmprint image acquisition, image preprocessing, image feature extraction, detection contrast

The advantages apply to scenarios where the number of users is large or acceptable, easy to use, quick to identify and highly accurate.

Disadvantages acquisition equipment has special requirements, the design is relatively complicated, and the manufacturing cost is high.

In summary, since the palmprint has a larger area to be thickened than a biometric system such as a face and a fingerprint, it is difficult to apply recognition. In addition, because the acquisition equipment is relatively complex and not suitable for mobile devices, how to promote it more widely is a problem. However, palmprint recognition technology is very easy to combine with hand shape, phalanx and palm vein recognition technology to form a multi-modal biometric system with higher precision, more recognition and anti-counterfeiting ability, and higher security.