Palm vein recognition

- May 26, 2019-

The palm vein recognition system first obtains the palm vein distribution map through the vein recognition instrument, extracts the feature value from the palm vein distribution map according to the special comparison algorithm, and obtains the image of the finger, the palm, the back vein of the hand through the infrared CCD camera, and the digital image of the vein. Stored in a computer system to store feature values.

Vein recognition has four characteristics: high anti-counterfeiting, easy to use, fast identification and high accuracy. The most important point is that the characteristics of the finger vein recognition have been internationally recognized as unique and comparable to the retina, in the case where the rejection rate (the same structure map, but the algorithm is identified as different) is less than one in ten thousand. The false recognition rate (different structure diagram, which is recognized by the algorithm as the same) can be less than one in 100,000. But it also has the disadvantages that are difficult to circumvent:

(1) The dorsal vein of the hand may still change with age and physiology, and the permanent has not been confirmed;

(2) There is still the possibility that registration cannot be successful;

(3) Because the collection method is limited by its own characteristics, it is difficult to miniaturize the product;

(4) The collection equipment has special requirements, the design is relatively complicated, and the manufacturing cost is high.

At present, the application of vein recognition function in the market is not high. The well-known domestic enterprises are Fujitsu, Tongyuan Micro-Intelligence Technology, and Zhimai Technology.