One word lock and cross lock which is better

- Apr 28, 2019-

The lock cylinder is graded. According to the safety level, the popular anti-theft door locks on the market are roughly classified into A, B and C. The A-level lock and the B-class lock are commonly used by the public. The lock cylinder grade is incremented from the A, B and C safety factors, so the safety of the A lock cylinder is relatively lower than the rest.

Class A lock cylinder: generally includes cow head lock, traditional one-word lock, cross lock, crescent lock and most lock cylinders have only one row of marble structure locks, the anti-theft is poor, the opening time is generally in a few seconds to two In a minute or so, many developers have a Class A lock. Because the bull's head lock is too backward, everyone generally does not use such a lock cylinder. Now the locks in the citizens' homes are mostly locked with a word and a cross lock.

Class B lock cylinder: Generally, it contains a lock with a double-row marble structure and a lock with a combination of a single row of marbles and blades. The anti-theft is general, and the professional locksmith needs to open for 1 to 5 minutes.

Super B-class lock cylinder: generally includes multiple rows of marbles and multi-row blade combination locks, as well as full-blade and side-column structure locks. In the current three types of lock cores, the anti-theft is best, basically can not be technically opened, in cumbersome The situation can only be destructively opened.

A word lock is a simple lock with an internal structure. The internal lock marbles are all arranged in a line, so they are called a word lock. The lock has a simple structure and low price, but the anti-theft property is poor. There are many ways to open such a word lock. The more common ones are single hooks, hitch keys and homemade tools. The opening time of a person with mature technology is generally only a few seconds, and the longest is no more than 1 minute.

The cross lock is also a simple lock with an internal structure. The internal lock is arranged in a zigzag pattern, so it is called a cross lock. The structure of this lock is also relatively simple and has poor security. The cross lock is also a Class A lock. Its safety performance is similar to that of a normal one-word lock. It is a type that is easily opened, and the interlocking key has a very high mutual opening rate.

In the case of a word lock and a cross lock unlocking, it is still easy to open after the word lock is locked. Most of the crescent locks and cross locks that are opened are unlocked, that is, the two types of locks can further improve the anti-theft performance by anti-locking. Nowadays, the types of door locks that are most easily opened in the market are a one-word lock, a cross lock, and a magnetic lock.

Through the above description, I believe that everyone knows that the safety factors of these two locks are relatively low, so you can check the lock at home. If you still use the A-level lock at home, you can replace the door lock with B-level and above. The lock cylinder will be safer. And put on the super B-class lock, as long as you can change the lock core, the cost is between 100 yuan and 200 yuan. When people buy locks, they must look at the number of marbles and lines of the lock, the more locks on the marbles and lines, the higher the safety performance; you can also ask the owner about the type of lock and choose what you need. Whenever possible, don't let the thief have a chance!