Luxury door lock luxury and style

- Dec 19, 2018-

Luxury door lock luxury and style

This door lock with a price of 180,000 yuan is currently the most expensive one, and the lock surface is made of 24K pure gold plating.

    A door lock actually sold for a high price of 180,000 yuan? This is not a fantasy. Recently, the high-end expensive locks of more than 10,000 yuan have come to the side of the Guangzhou people, setting off a luxury revolution in the door lock world. The door lock of 10,000 yuan is really making the "gate general" become a luxury, and where are they expensive? Let us now uncover the secrets of different grades of locks!

High-end door locks: all "foreign blood"

    Although the lock is only a small piece of hardware in the home decoration, this "gatekeeper" is crucial, not only to protect the safety of each household, but also to dress up the home. Compared to ordinary home locks, the high-end locks that are used in luxury homes and high-end business establishments are much more expensive than the exterior. It is understood that these expensive locks are all equipped with "foreign origin" and designed by well-known foreign designers. They use the most expensive foreign advanced materials and are hand-built by experienced craftsmen. From design to production, they reflect their luxury. Features.

Expensive reason: the design is inspired by the famous teacher

    In the high-end door locks, there are many from the hands of famous teachers, which also adds a lot of "weight" to the door locks. The most special thing is that almost every well-known designer's door lock design is based on a unique inspiration or story.

The Italian designer's lock design is inspired by the European Medici family.

    Like a door lock designed by the famous Italian designer Tosca Lenelli, the design is inspired by the European Medici family, using European aristocratic decorative techniques, blue and deep colors and generous The lines show a profound aristocratic culture, which is very fashionable from a modern perspective. In addition, there is a "Warrior Triumph" door lock designed by designer Libby Monreale. The door lock is like a warrior's medal. The designer hopes to use it as a reward for the user. He is welcome every day. A "warrior" who works hard to create a comfortable living environment for his family.

Expensive reason: the picture is complicated and beautiful

    It is understood that another important reason why high-end door locks are so expensive is that not only the design is very beautiful, but also the production process is very particular, which makes the door lock can decorate the overall home decoration atmosphere with the attitude of art. The design of high-end door locks is mostly in European classical style, and it looks solemn and deep. The lines on the door locks are more visible. The designer engraves the complex European ancient patterns on the locks. The patterns are exquisite and fully integrated with the essence of European classical sculpture and painting art. This lock is most suitable for use in the European style atmosphere. In the mansion.

Vintage wrought iron door with artistic lock

    According to Mr. Zhou, the person in charge of the flower world Aoper copper lock, there is a door lock with a price of up to 180,000 yuan, which is the most expensive one in the current high-grade locks. The surface of the whole lock is made of 24K pure gold plating, and the periphery of the lock Inlaid with more than a thousand high-grade diamonds, the materials are expensive, and the tattoos are unique. The designer reinterprets the ancient cultural patterns from modern aesthetics, and will be in ancient cultures such as Byzantium, Islam, and Rome. The classic patterns are combined and portrayed on the lock body, and the fineness of the pattern is comparable to that of fine art. It is understood that this door lock has been inquiries from customers for three months, and has sold one. It is said to have been bought by a private buyer as a collectible.

Expensive reason: the material is very expensive

   The reason why high-end door locks are so expensive is that the material itself is very expensive. According to the salesperson, these high-end door locks are all made of high-quality copper rods made in Italy, and the carefully selected copper rod materials are forged by a 1000-ton forging press, ensuring the quality of the door lock raw materials can withstand. test.

   In order to make the high-end door locks more luxurious, the makers usually plate a precious metal on the outside of the door lock, such as rare 24K gold or other K-gold material, so that the appearance of the door lock looks more radiant. Some special door locks are also inlaid with crystal or diamonds, giving the door locks a dazzling effect. In addition, in addition to the body of the door lock is machine forged, 90% of the door locks are hand-polished.