Look at the ferrule of the fingerprint lock

- Mar 06, 2019-

Look at the ferrule of the fingerprint lock

Buying a fingerprint lock, in addition to looking at the lock body, the ferrule is also a very important part, this part is often ignored by consumers. Look at the ferrule can be started from three aspects: look at the material of the ferrule, look at the lock point of the ferrule, and look at the function of the ferrule.

A look at the material: the material of the ferrule is divided into plastic, alloy and stainless steel. Generally, the ferrule will not be plated, and consumers can easily distinguish it. Because the ferrule is placed in the door, many companies are more versatile about the ferrule material. The industry usually uses stainless steel inside the ferrule, but the ferrule shell is made of alloy or plastic. This ferrule is not only weak against violence, but also fireproof. Performance is also weak, which is not conducive to security. The first Gil fingerprint lock is the only product in the industry that is made of stainless steel. Its robustness and fire resistance are several times higher than ordinary materials.

Second, look at the lock point: look at the ferrule in addition to the material, you also need to pay attention to the lock of the ferrule. The lock points of the fingerprint lock ferrule are mainly divided into single tongue and multiple lock points. The safety of the single-tongue lock core is worse than that of the multiple lock points, and the performances such as anti-mite and explosion-proof are also poor. Generally, it is widely used in developed countries, Japan, South Korea and other regions, and is not suitable for the complicated public security environment in China. Therefore, it is recommended that domestic consumers should look at the ferrule when selecting a fingerprint lock, and choose a multi-lock ferrule with explosion-proof and anti-mite performance.

Three-view function: The ferrules on the market are generally divided into hotel lock ferrules, upper ferrules, large tongue automatic pop-up ferrules and multi-lock point self-elastic ferrules. Hotel lock ferrule can be opened with a card, the safety performance is poor; use the ferrule, when you close the door, you need to lift the handle to lock the door, easy to forget the lock, not in line with the consumer's habits; the generous tongue automatically pops up The ferrule solves the shortcomings of the upper ferrule, but still can not automatically control the heaven and earth pole; and the multi-locking self-elastic ferrule as the fourth-generation lock body is the most superior ferrule to date, and the anti-theft function is the strongest. It is also the most convenient.