Locks should be maintained in good habits

- Dec 04, 2018-

Locks should be maintained in good habits

Good habits that need to be developed using locks are:

1. In the process of using the lock, pay attention to the lock, do not rain, flush, because there is a small spring inside, the rust will not be flexible, and it will naturally damage the normal use of the lock.

2, the locomotive keys should not be connected in series. When the locomotive is running, the key shakes and the weight will wear the lock core. The key will slide out for a long time, which will naturally affect the performance of the lock.

3, some locks can not be refueled, such as the mother-bead lock, if the refueling will not only affect the use of the entire lock cylinder, but also inhale a lot of dust, so that the lock core is bonded together.

4, the automatic lock itself mainly has some micro-gap can not be too tight, otherwise it is not convenient to use.

5, do not use the key to open the door directly, the key to open the door lock, the lock does not return to the original directly pull the key to open the door, the lock will not be long after you will say goodbye to you.

6. When the key is not easy to insert or withdraw, you can spray some light lubricating oil (such as w40) but not too thick oil, otherwise it will affect the flexibility of subsequent use of the lock.

7. The anti-theft door has a lattice type, which prevents the iron wire from being inserted into the oblique lock puller that automatically locks the door, and pulls the door open, and the flower lattice type is to be maintained during use.

8. When the door lock is not good, switch some lubricant on the oblique tongue to ensure the lubrication effect.