Lock product classification analysis: what is the escape lock?

- Nov 29, 2018-

Lock product classification analysis: what is the escape lock

The escape lock is an emergency escape lock, also known as a fire escape lock, a type of escape device. At present, there are no national and industry standards that form norms in China. In the design and use of buildings, reference or use of European standards and American standards is often used. Many people in China may be a bit strange to such building hardware. If you are interested in or are looking for such products, you may refer to the following brief introduction, which may be helpful to you.

First, the scope of use

Applicable to open doors, metal doors, framed glass doors and other evacuation doors (escape doors) and fire doors.

Second, the basic requirements

1. In the event of fires and various emergencies, ensure that a large number of people in the building can escape quickly and safely;

2, an action can escape the door, the user can open without the use of the escape device experience.

Third, the relevant standards

1. European standard EN1125, EN1634

2. American National Standard ANSI A156.3

3. American Underwriters Laboratory Standard: UL 10C

Fourth, product composition

A set of escape locks consists mainly of three basic parts:

1, the tongue;

2, push bar (or pressure bar): the length of the push bar or the pressure bar should be greater than or equal to 2 / 3 door width;

3, door accessories: You can choose a handle without lock function or a lock handle with lock function (including a complete lock core handle) according to specific needs or requirements, or not installed.

Escape locks are classified according to different ways and have different types: there are emergency escape locks and fire escape locks according to functions, and there are also great differences between them; according to the design, they are divided into push bar type (flat push type) and pressure bar. Type (down pressure type); according to the structure is divided into surface-mounted lock type, mortise lock type, surface mounted plug type, concealed plug type, according to the number of lock points, there are single point lock, double point lock and three point lock type According to whether the alarm is divided into mechanical escape lock and alarm escape lock, the alarm escape lock is divided into independent alarm escape lock, linkage alarm escape lock, access control alarm escape lock, and delay alarm escape lock.

Understand the above, do you know the specific role of the escape lock?

First, to protect life safety: In the case of fires and various emergencies, a large number of people in the building can be quickly and safely escaped. For space of more than 100 people, an escape lock should be installed on the emergency exit door.

The second is the security function: under the premise of ensuring the life safety of the personnel in the building, the external door is safely locked, both anti-theft function and quick evacuation in the emergency state; in all functions of the escape lock, indoors When you go out, just press one of the push bars to retract all the locks to open the door. A fire escape lock should be used on the fire door and cannot be equipped with a lock retraction lock function.

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