Lock gear export growth rate is twice the average speed of the hardware industry

- Nov 22, 2018-

Lock gear export growth rate is twice the average speed of the hardware industry

The lock industry is a traditional and emerging industry in the hardware industry. It is traditional because lock products have a long history of manufacturing and use time. It is said that it is new because lock products are constantly innovating and absorbing new technologies. In the new era, consumers' needs for the use of functions, appearance and design of lock products have played a role in protecting the lives and property of the people and the normal order of the people.

At present, the industry's sales are about 40 billion yuan, and the output is more than 1.9 billion. According to customs statistics, the average annual export growth rate of the lock industry during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period reached 31%, which is twice the average speed of the hardware industry.

In just five years, the export value of lock products has increased from US$1.516 billion to more than US$4 billion, and it still maintains a high-speed growth momentum. We have reason to have high confidence in the future development of the industry, and the development space of the lock market is still huge.

However, due to the lack of brands and channels, domestic companies only make orders for delivery, who do not know when to sell the products, how much to sell, do not know, and do not know where to sell. Failure to understand end market demand leads to passive production and low efficiency.

So this drawback must be changed. In terms of imports, the speed of imports is increasing, indicating that there are more and more foreign products in China's high-end market. It also shows that domestic products cannot enter the domestic high-end market because there is no brand.