Lever Hand lock type, Lever Handle lock disassembly method.

- Jul 20, 2018-

Lever Hand lock type, Lever Handle lock disassembly method.

Hand lock is a kind of lock which is very common in our life. There are many kinds of hand locks. Different ways of lock installation and disassembly are different. So what are the methods of locking and disassembling.

Type of lock:

1. pull the fork to hand. This kind of pull fork handle looks from its shape, its bottom has a U fork, that is, the fork, the name of the fork handle is derived from it. The working principle of this kind of fork is that the U type pullout fork holds the hand of the fork of the fork or the transmission rod, and moves the U fork up and down through the rotation of the hand door handle, thus driving the driving rod (actuators) of the fork to work, thus realizing the use of the fork.

2. axis is on hand. From the comparison of the fork, the square axis is to change the position of the U fork of the fork to a square axis, and the name of the square axis is the same. In fact, from the function of the square axis, the square hand and the fork are the same, so the principle of their work is similar. The square axle does the work of locking the lock to complete the lock.

3. sides of the hand. Double - sided clinging is easy to see. The principle of double - sided hands is basically the same as the square - axis, but the double - sided hand has more than two sides to open, and close the function. When the double - sided hand is used, it is usually with a lock. The length of the side of the double side hand is usually customizable. The length of the double side hand is calculated by the length of the square axis = the thickness of the fan material +65/70mm, with the M5 head screw, and the length of the screw = the fan +20mm.

Hand lock selection method:

1. when we choose to buy the lock, we should first pay attention to the hand and profile of the lock, and the fork is attached to the specific type, and the length of the fork is determined (the length of the U type fork).

2. the hand and profile of the lock is the basic principle, and the specific type of the lock is divided. This should be noted that the length of the square axis of the lock is determined by the size of the cross section of the square shaft (usually 7X7mm). Attention should also be paid to the purchase of square shaft handles. The square shaft is locked or not locked.

How can the lock be dismantled?

When the lock is disassembled, it is necessary to screw down the screw of the fixed lock on the panel first, then remove the lock core of the hand lock, then unscrew the two remaining screws on the hand lock panel, and the two panels can be taken off, and then the screws on the side of the lock on the side of the lock will be unscrewed and dismantled.