It's too early to replace mechanical locks with smart locks.

- Sep 04, 2018-

It's too early to replace mechanical locks with smart locks.

2017 is the year of the outbreak of smart locks, especially in the second half of the year, many traditional household appliance brands and new start-up brands have released new products of smart locks, becoming the hottest keywords in the field of smart home. Although the emergence of intelligent locks is not a year or two, but in the past more active in the B-side market, such as hotels, apartments, office buildings and other commercial places, the popularity of domestic intelligent locks is still very low, many users are only aware of the name of intelligent locks.

What's the hottest thing in the field of home? No doubt, it's smart home; what's the hottest thing in the field of smart home? The first thing many people think about is definitely smart locks. And the hot smart lock, and smart home is limited to the concept of the hot is essentially different, because smart lock has gone through the concept of speculation stage, and is entering the ordinary people's home.

In the Guangzhou Construction Expo in 2017, there are more than 200 enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the exhibition related to intelligent locks. In addition to the traditional intelligent locks, Haier, Mei, Skyworth and other household appliance giants, Millet House, Purple Light and Things Union and other intelligent household enterprises, as well as Huitailong, Dinggu, Heilong, Kaidi Shi, Keyu, Wise Family, etc. The lock companies are all present, showing the latest technology and products.

So why is the smart lock industry so hot? Why are so many giants involved? Are they just for fun? Of course not, in the eyes of the door lock lord, mainly because of the following reasons:

First, the market capacity is huge. With a population of 1.4 billion and nearly 400 million households, China has a penetration rate of less than 3%, which means that 97% of households are likely to upgrade their consumption in the future. This will be a billion-dollar market. At the same time, with the advent of the era of fine decoration, the market capacity of intelligent lock prefabrication can not be underestimated.

In addition to consumer upgrades and pre installed markets, interest in smart locks is increasing. From this year's Beijing Door Expo and Yongkang Door Expo, we can see that intelligent doors have become the main products for high-end users in major gate factories, and intelligent doors of course can not be separated from intelligent locks, so this is also a huge market.

Two, trends are like floods, irresistible. Since Apple's smartphones have caught fire, smartphones have become the rage, killing feature phones basically without leaving them, and in this war, Motorola toppled, Nokia toppled; millet, Huawei, OPPO, vivo and other products brand up.

What does this mean? Intelligence has become an irresistible trend. What is the trend? Trend is the direction of things, is a once formed after the direction of development, will not be changed in a short time. Therefore, the mechanical lock will replace the mechanical lock will be an irresistible trend.

Three, smart home entrance must not be lost. The entry of smart home has always been a controversial topic. Mobile phones, smart routers, smart televisions, and so on, were once considered the entrance to smart homes, but after years of tearing up, the growth space has gradually become narrow.

So why do giant doors see smart locks as new entrances to smart homes? First, doors and locks are physical entrances to the home, with high user stickiness and high frequency of use of the "two high" characteristics; second, smart locks are still a blue sea market, there is no real strong brand, so many giants want to become this. The leader of the field. So all brands want to fight for this entry.

Therefore, based on the above three points, large and small enterprises have poured into the production and research and development of intelligent lock industry. In view of the current situation, the intelligent lock industry has formed three camps.

Firstly, we have been focusing on the smart lock industry, including the former focus on Hotel locks and home smart locks, as well as new emerging brands and Internet brands;

Two. It is the transformation from mechanical lock to intelligent lock industry.

From the pre installed market, intelligent locks have gradually won the recognition of major developers. Among the top 50 real estate companies, Vanke is the leading supplier of smart home products, accounting for 36.20%, followed by 10.50% of Poly's home purchase allocation. In the non real estate top 50, Guangzhou smart trillion, Hainan hailing, and Fuli real estate have more than 8% smart homes. Smart locks account for more than 80% of the smart home products.

Therefore, from the current point of view, intelligent lock has become an inevitable trend of development. Of course, besides the market and trend, the intelligent lock itself has many advantages:

1. Convenience, intelligent lock can be opened by fingerprint, mobile app, Wechat, card and other forms, completely free from the bondage of the key, no longer need to worry about losing the key.

2. Safety. Intelligent lock integrates the anti-prizing alarm, remote monitoring and other active preventive functions in one. It is safer than mechanical lock.

3. Fashion, intelligent lock in the appearance of design, more fashionable, concise, generous, more in line with the young aesthetic, and home decoration plays a finishing touch.