Is the smart lock expensive? Home smart lock purchase guide

- May 13, 2019-

The intelligent door lock is divided into IC card door lock (plug-in type), magnetic card door lock (plug-in type), induction card door lock and TM card door lock. Currently, the most used ones are induction card door locks and IC card door locks. Management needs analysis, system cost selection is suitable for installing that type of door lock.

Because smart locks have different mechanical door locks, smart locks involve mechanical, electronic, and computer systems. It is recommended to use mature brands with good reputation. At present, there are many domestic smart lock brands, but the total production capacity is estimated to be less than 10%. Whether the development, production and after-sales of the manufacturer are standard enterprises, and whether there is a quality management system. There are a lot of users who have insufficient purchasing experience or only ask for cheap ones (those brands may have cheap door locks, but other accessories or card dispensers are expensive, and when shipping for free, the price of maintenance is several thousand dollars), and the products are purchased. After a period of time, the manufacturer may not be found, or there are quality problems to find irresponsible manufacturers. The manufacturer believes that improper use of the user leads to no maintenance or high price of accessories. The above phenomenon is even difficult for the court to judge. Even if the user wins the unqualified brand, the company name may be chosen to escape. If the brand is not standardized, it may not be worth the loss.