Is the blade lock core safe?

- May 17, 2019-

For the blade lock cylinder, this is the safest lock cylinder at present. It has higher anti-theft performance than the AB lock core because it adds an additional slot on the basis of the AB lock double-sided double-row marble, and it adopts The structure of the side column lock, that is, the top of the lock is on the side. The focus of the average person's shackles is two points. The lock core in the public security department's test, the technology opening time takes about 270 minutes. This is the most basic difference between the blade lock cylinder and the AB lock cylinder. Anti-theft door lock core level>>

Since the lock cylinder adopts the structure of the springless blade, the blade lock can be freely rotated within the rotation range of 90 degrees after being subjected to strong vibration and impact, so that the key cannot be inserted, so the safe lock and the cabinet are locked at the blade. A plastic rod similar to the key is inserted into the hole to prevent the blade from rotating freely. Please save this plastic rod, move or transport the safe, cabinet or when you don't use the safe or cabinet for a long time, insert the plastic rod into the lock hole, which can prevent the free rotation of the blade and prevent foreign matter from entering the lock hole.