Is atomic lock safe?

- Mar 07, 2019-

Is atomic lock safe?

At present, it is very difficult to open the atomic lock without the key. The thieves can't open the atomic lock without violence, and the price of the atomic lock on the market is not expensive, so it is trustworthy and supportive. In addition, the atomic lock is the only anti-theft lock recommended by the Ministry of Public Security to the user, and according to the statistics of the relevant departments, the thieves usually use the "universal key" to quickly open the upper and lower marble structure locks. The atomic lock uses a V-shaped single. The layer of marbles, the eccentricity of the lock core key, and the internal pressure type square column locking structure prevent the "master key" from quickly opening the lock cylinder.

Atomic lock is a super-B lock. The anti-theft performance is the highest in the anti-theft lock level, while the ordinary lock refers to the A-level lock. Such locks have poor anti-theft performance. The illegal elements can open the ordinary lock with ordinary unlocking tools. , the security is extremely low.

The biggest difference between atomic and ordinary locks is that their safety performance is not at all a level. Nowadays, many A-class locks are poorly handled, and the basic processing is eliminated. You must not purchase such locks when you purchase them.

For the safety of home and office space, you must choose a safer lock, at least choose a B-level anti-theft lock. If you want better security protection, you must purchase a super B-class anti-theft lock, and the atomic lock is the most prestigious and best-rated one in the super B-class anti-theft lock, and it is more comfortable to use.