Iris recognition technology

- May 27, 2019-

Iris recognition technology is to identify the identity of the human eye by capturing the iris of the human eye. It is a biometric-based identity authentication technology, also known as biosecurity technology.

Iris Recognition Principle Each iris contains a unique structure based on features such as crowns, crystals, filaments, spots, structures, pits, rays, wrinkles, and streaks. Iris recognition can be compared by comparing the similarities between iris image features. Make a judgment.

Advantages Iris recognition has high accuracy and high precision. It also has the advantages of living body detection and non-replication. Wearing glasses and lenses will not affect its accuracy.

Disadvantages It is difficult to miniaturize the size of the image acquisition device, requiring an expensive camera, and the cost is high, and the lens may cause image distortion and reliability.

Is iris recognition safe? The accuracy of iris recognition is up to 30 times that of the current fingerprint scheme. It also has the characteristics of uniqueness, stability, non-reproducibility, and in vivo detection. It has an absolute advantage in comprehensive safety performance, and the safety level is currently the highest. of.

Iris can't identify how to do it. Keep the screen facing yourself and keep 25-35 cm with the face, check if there is something blocking the camera, change to a well-lit place, restart the phone, etc. If it doesn't work, it is recommended to use other unlocking methods to unlock and reset the iris recognition.

Iris recognition vs retina recognition

1. Different recognition objects: the retina recognition scans the blood vessel image of the fundus, and the iris recognizes the iris part.

2. Identify source stability: The retina is relatively fragile, the head is affected by shock or some diseases may cause retinopathy to affect the recognition.

3. Recognition distance: When the retina is recognized, the distance between the eyes and the input device should be within 1.27 cm, and the experience is poor.