Introduction to the use of various locks

- Dec 05, 2018-

Introduction to the use of various locks

1, the entrance door lock: also known as the anti-theft lock. The entrance door is the gate of every family. It is a watershed outside the home. It must have a special function, which can play the role of insurance and security. The household usually has two doors: an iron gate and a general door (usually a wooden door). For the iron gate, it can be locked on both sides, commonly known as: double-headed lock. Commonly used are multiple safety door locks and mortise steel door locks. When selecting, it should be noted that the distance between the two doors should not be less than 80mm (8cm). Otherwise, the distance between the two doors (because of the handle of the lock) is not long enough to be closed at the same time and does not function as an anti-theft. The general door wooden door is generally equipped with a large handle lock, which can play an aesthetic role.

2, the door lock in the room: generally refers to the bedroom lock. There is insurance function in the room, use the key to open the handle lock or the same function ball lock outside the room.

3, bathroom door lock: its characteristics is that it can lock the door inside, with an emergency opening device on the outside, and has a red, green display, or a small handle lock with the "someone" "no one" display or the same function ball lock .

4, kitchen and channel lock: it only plays the role of door handle and wind, no insurance function. It is also suitable for storage rooms and children's rooms.