Introduction to the principle of electronic card lock How to install the card lock?

- May 31, 2019-

Swipe lock principle

There is a coil inside the door lock sensor, which is always oscillating, which is equivalent to the primary coil of the transformer. There is also a coil in the card, which is equivalent to the secondary coil of the transformer. When the two coils are close, the coupling generates current and supplies power to the card. Coupling past interrogation signals, card response, and opening the door if conditions are met.

The fingerprint reader is equivalent to a camera, and compares the captured fingerprint with the stored fingerprint, and the compliance rate reaches the standard to open the door.

How to install the card lock

First, the circuit is debugged. The battery is red and black negative, and GND is negative. Use a 2-core cable to connect the lock, GND to GND, then +12 to +12 (GND adjacent). Then close the door and make sure it can be closed. Remote control, PID card, if you don't understand, don't pick it up, don't pick up the battery.

Then, the door is mechanically reinforced. Fix one plate, have 4 holes on the lock head, install the screws, set on the door, make a slot on the corresponding right side, and install the magnet.

Finally, even the PID card and remote control are used together for debugging. Starting from the card, connect the battery and brush it up to recognize the dripping sound. Follow the instructions. Press A remotely to open the door.

The above is the introduction of the card lock installation method, you can find out. The installation of the swipe lock is relatively simple.