Introduce the general handle to match the cabinet

- Mar 26, 2019-

White cabinets should have gold handles, and metal and white ceramics can be used. Ceramics can also be dotted with flowers.

If the kitchen is painted door panels, like orange, red, green, if the home is colored. Can be used with aluminum handles, but it is best not to expose both ends, so as not to scrape clothes when cooking.

The location of the handle installation is also very particular. For example, a group of large cabinets, the upper handle should be installed in the lower corner of the door, while the lower handle is the opposite, it should be installed in the upper corner of the door. This is not only for ergonomic norms, but also for visual beauty. Due to the different craftsmanship, the styles of the door handles are also varied. Generally speaking, the silver stainless steel handle is suitable for use in office buildings, and the family chooses the handle of matt bronze or aluminum alloy. Neutral or light-cooled oil-mixed homes can also be made with matt stainless steel brushed door handles, while hotels and some more luxurious buildings use polished metal handles. The door handle is also made in combination with the door lock. For ease of use, the handle of the master bedroom and the bathroom should have the function of a door lock, while the auxiliary bedroom and the walkway can be provided with a windproof door lock.