Insufficient development of smart locks

- May 23, 2019-

1, smart locks can be safely worried

Many smart door lock companies do more in terms of intelligence, but they can't do much in terms of security protection. There are obvious security vulnerabilities and they have not noticed. Today's smart security has directly restricted the healthy development of this industry. If one hundred companies have a problem with security, the whole industry will affect it. In the same case, the entire brand chain will also have an accident. Some brands of smart lock products are very inadequate in the safety design of mechanical structure or the development of electronic information encryption and decryption and certification technology. If this problem is not corrected in time, China's smart lock industry will once again become low. A backward industry with low prices and low trust.

2, the function is more but the stability is not enough

What is lacking in smart locks is not functionality, but stability. There are many functions of the smart brand in the market, there are many patterns for unlocking, and there are all ways to unlock the lock. What iris, Facebook, fingerprint, secret, and inductive unlocking... What is there, although the way of unlocking in the future can be as free as desired. Powerful, there is a big premise that stability must be done well, although the stability of electronic products is difficult to grasp, but stability does affect the long-term development of the brand. At present, there is no shortage of powerful products on the market, and the lack of stable products. To stabilize the product well, it is more costly and time-consuming than doing more functions. Often, companies only pay attention to the fancy function modules, while ignoring the stability of the functions.

3, excessive, false marketing has hurt the market

Excessive sales will ruin the smart lock industry. Remarketing light user experience is a serious problem in the current smart door lock brand. A brand that ignores the user experience is hard to get recognition from users. At present, the biggest problem in the smart lock industry is that it would rather spend money on investment and publicity, but it is not willing to spend money on user experience. False crowdfunding, false functions, false prices, and false advertisements are all quickly consuming the credit of smart locks