Installation of Lever lock

- Feb 01, 2018-

1, cut the installation of the paper plan attached to the door of the appropriate height (rest assured that the hole center from the ground about 1 meters).

2, according to the left and right door, adjust the slant of the oblique tongue inclined to close the door, and then put the lock body into the lock hole with self tapping screws fastening.

3, insert the lock body in advance to open a good groove, with screws to fix the lock body, and the square core into the lock body square hole and then front and back panel holding hand square hole into the square core, screw into the inner panel of the two fastening screws (not tightening), the lock core from the door inside the door through the lock core hole, with the lock core fixing screws to lock the core and lock body fastening, Then tighten the 2 fastening screws on the inner panel.

4, in the corresponding position of the frame chisel out buckle box hole and buckle plate support nest, installation buckle box, buckle plate, with self tapping screws fastening, should make the lock tongue telescopic freely.