If a key can be duplicated from a photo, what should we do?

- Feb 06, 2019-

After investigation, it was found that on-line shops with “duplicate key from photo” are currently on the market, and their sales are hot. They promise to “refund or re-do for free if the duplicated key can not unlock the home door locks”. Investigators spend tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, duplicate keys class A, B, C anti-theft door lock and keys for car.  

The unlocking industry in China belongs to the special industry, which requires the registration of industry and commerce and registration in the public security department. However, there is no relevant requirement for key duplication. 

How to circumvent the risk of "duplicate key from photo"? 

First of all, keep your own keys safely, and don't give any chance to criminal.

In addition to keeping your own keys safely, it is a great idea to install a digital lock for door, which can unlock with a fingerprint or a password, eliminating the need to carry keys and lose the keys, and minimize the harm caused by “duplicate key from photo”!