How to set the fingerprint password lock?

- Mar 27, 2019-

The smart lock slowly enters the ordinary user's home. The smart lock is quite different from the ordinary mechanical lock. The Yass fingerprint lock can be opened by fingerprint, but we should set the fingerprint before we turn it on. So how should it be set? And look at the small series for everyone to share briefly

1. Press the “ENT” button on the rear panel and enter the administrator's fingerprint to enter the management menu. Select the “Enter User” submenu under the “User Management” menu, and select “Enter Manager” or “Enter User” on the submenu. The first official registrant must select the “entry manager”.

2, according to the display screen of the home smart door lock, the new user needs to gently press the finger on the fingerprint collector, the collection instrument capture light flashes, and the first time to collect fingerprints.

When the collector's acquisition light stops flashing, the new user must temporarily remove the finger from the surface of the collector. According to the prompt on the display, the new user needs to gently press the same finger on the fingerprint collector again. After putting it, press the “ENT” button, the collection lamp of the collector will flash again, and the fingerprint will be collected for the second time. After the login is completed, the display prompts the user "Login Successful" or "Login Failed".

Remote unlocking: You can do it when and where you can unlock it freely, and it is convenient for relatives to visit and friends who are not convenient to go home.