How to reset the Vault password

- May 19, 2019-

1. Open the safe door with the main key and emergency key. There is a reset button inside. Press the safe password to restore the initial password.

2. Enter the new password and press #.

How to open a mechanical safe

1. Generally speaking, the safe opening of the three sets of passwords and the mechanical safe are the same, so just keep the keys and passwords in place.

2. Assume that the password is 80, 25, 50. Turn the dial in a clockwise direction so that the scale value "80" on the disc is aligned with the reference point on the disc and then continue to turn clockwise three turns.

3. After the first step is completed, turn the password dial one turn counterclockwise, and continue to counterclockwise to the second group of password “25” and the reference point pair.

4. On the basis of completing the above two steps, turn the password disk clockwise to make the third group password “50” and the reference point.

5. After completing the above three steps, the password lock is already open. Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it 90° clockwise. At this time, the big lock is also open.