How to repair the door handle, how to repair the door handle

- Mar 29, 2019-

1. The door handle is broken - replace

(1) First buy a door handle, first unpack its packaging, check whether the accessories are complete, and whether the parts are complete. If there are no problems, prepare to install the kit.

(2) First use the corresponding tool to remove the broken door handle. Under normal circumstances, the door handle of the security door needs to be disassembled on the side of the room. Select a screwdriver to screw the fixed door handle. Come down.

(3) Ordinary Phillips screwdriver can also be used, put the removed door handles in one position, do not get confused.

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2, the door handle is broken - hard

(1) Read the door handle installation instructions in advance, please follow the above operation. If you are not sure, install the door, keep the door open, press the outer door frame with your finger, and fix the door handle screw with a screwdriver. One is unloaded.

(2) When pressing the door, it is necessary to use a certain force. There is a spring inside the door handle. When the screw is taken out, the spring is easy to hit yourself, try to use a little more force.

3, the door handle is broken - buckle

(1) After the screws of the door handle are removed, use the open jaws to open the snap ring one by one. Do not scratch the metal protruding part of the door handle retaining ring. It is sharp and can be worn in advance.

(2) If there is no opening pliers in the house, you can use a flat-blade screwdriver instead, which is a little laborious.

4, the door handle is broken - install

When the buckle is removed, the newly purchased door handle can be reinstalled, and the screw must be tightened, otherwise it will affect the effect of locking the door.