How to repair the anti-theft door handle?

- Mar 23, 2019-

1)tighten the handle

If it is loose with a small handle on the outside of the handle, you can tighten it.

Need tools: screwdriver (plum and word) vise, adjustable wrench, small hammer.

2) remove the door handle, then you will see a screw cap of the size of the coin to remove it. There is a gasket underneath and remove it. In the second step, the gasket is flattened with a small hammer, and the handle is also placed on the gasket. The position is flattened, the purpose is to make the gasket and handle seamlessly paste, and tighten the screws. Pay attention to whether to open the door or open the door right. Do not reverse the direction of the handle when you are on.

3) welding

You can find a familiar person to help, you can also find a welding worker outside, but the machine is relatively heavy, the general home repair is very expensive, dozens of dollars are not necessarily moving.

4) directly change the lock

Tools needed: plum and slotted screwdriver, small hammer, handle with quick lock.

1. First, the old door handle should be removed. The door handle of the anti-theft door is removed from the room, because the two screws of the fixed handle are inside, as long as the screw is removed.

2, when disassembling is very simple, open the door, press the outside with four fingers, press the inside of the thumb (you can also help people press this outside), use a screwdriver to remove the screw, pay attention to the removal You should press it with a little force, because there is a spring inside, you will accidentally pop up, or hit yourself.

3. After the screw is removed, slowly take the handle down, then use the open pliers to open the snap ring on the handle and take out the handle. When doing this step, be sure to pay attention to safety, and don't worry. Because I don't have an open jaw at home, I didn't do this step, but this step is also very simple.

4, insert the new handle, the card ring is stuck, this time is basically completed, the rest of the steps is to install on the door, the handle can be installed in the original position.

5, must be patient when loading, because there is a screw sleeve on the outside of the handle, the screw must be installed on the top, the installation is firm, if you feel very expensive, you can find someone to help hold the outside handle, You are slowly loading it inside, as long as it is on the previous one, the rest is good.