How to remove the handle?

- Mar 29, 2019-

1. Internal disassembly

(1) When the revolving door handle is broken, if it is necessary to disassemble, prepare the tool first, then read the installation instructions to know the approximate structure. Use the tool to remove it to see the set screw and then remove the lock tongue.

(2) Follow this step, and take off the screws on the baffle in the room at a time. At this time, you can see the internal fastening structure. Here, it is really disassembled and disassembled in a certain order.

(3) There are special circlips in some places, which need to be removed by circlip pliers. If not, prepare them in advance.

2, external disassembly

(1) The lock of the fastening screw is not visible on the outside. Use the tool of the corresponding model to remove the screw of the bolt, which is the lock tongue.

(2) There is a small hole in the lock bar between the handle inside the room and the door. Buy the lock is the accessory with the belt, or find a pointed object by yourself, press it directly into the small hole and press it outward. Pull the head of the door handle, rotate it and pull it out.

(3) Rotate and remove the fixed metal plate attached to the door on the lock lever. You will see two fixing screws, remove the screws and fix the iron piece, and remove the entire lock outside the room.