How to prevent technical unlocking?

- Apr 29, 2019-

Due to the government's gradual liberalization of door lock supervision and the explosive spread of criminal tactics in recent years, thieves have a simple way of learning to unlock their locks, and various methods of technical unlocking have gradually increased. You can prevent technical unlocking cases through the following aspects:

1, anti-lock

Anti-locking door is often troublesome for many people, but it is the most economical and simple anti-theft method. There are 9-12 lock tongues on the upper, middle and lower sides of the security door. After the lock, all the lock tongues will stick out and lock. In order to increase the difficulty of technical unlocking, on the one hand, it can prevent the crowbar from smashing the door, on the other hand, it can increase the difficulty of technical unlocking of the offender, prolong the time of committing crimes, and increase the probability of criminal behavior being discovered. Therefore, you must remember to go out to lock the door when you go out, and lock the room indoors before going to bed at night.

2, reverse buckle

As long as the door lock is reversed, the technical unlock can not open the door lock. Therefore, in the case of someone at home during the night or during the day, the door should be buckled on the basis of the anti-lock, that is, the latch below or next to the lock hole is reversed.

3, replace the high security door lock

There are some door locks on the market that are higher than Class A and Class B standards, especially the intelligent anti-theft locks. The mechanical locks and the electronic locks are divided into two parts, and the two parts are separated. The thieves can't open the door lock even if they have the same key.

4. Install alarms and other preventive facilities

The "thief" is clever, but it is also timid. If you are a little bit tempted, you may give up the target. Then, after installing the electronic alarm on the door, once someone touches the door, an alarm sounds, enough to scare off the criminal. There are many types of alarms, such as infrared alarms, vibration alarms, telephone alarms, with remote control and without remote control; prices range from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan, and there are several kinds of products on the Internet and in physical stores. Residents can choose to use according to their actual situation.

5. Enhance awareness of safety and prevention

In addition to physical defense, more importantly, civil air defense, residents must be vigilant, have a sense of security, remember to check the doors and windows every morning and evening, do not let the criminals have a chance.