How to open the padlock?

- Mar 31, 2019-

The general padlock has a lock core. In addition to the hole for inserting the key, there are several round holes in the lock core. These round holes correspond to several round holes on the lock body, and a spring and two can be placed inside. Highly different copper marbles. After the key is inserted, the two marbles are placed at different heights due to the different tooth positions. If the boundaries of the two marbles in all the holes are exactly the same as the circumference of the lock, the lock can be The lock body is rotated, so the lock is opened. This is how normal padlocks work.

If the key of the padlock is lost, you can purchase a master key, and the master key can open a variety of padlocks. Here are also a few small ways to share with friends:

1. Take a tough hard wire (the keychain is good), bend a small part to an angle of about 135°, and extend it to the deepest point of the keyhole (you need to practice more, the difficulty is a bit big)

2, the strike lock unlocking method: a metal piece plus a thin wire, the metal piece should be like the one on the pen cap, one end is folded at 90°, the keyhole is used to rotate the force, and the wire is in the keyhole. Sweep back and forth around the inner marbles, and luck can be opened.