How to open the drawer lock?

- Apr 29, 2019-

In our daily life, drawers are a very important storage space. There may be multiple drawers in the home, but does the drawer need to be locked? The drawer is an important space for storage. The drawer lock is an important guarantee for the safety of the goods in the drawer. It is also an important measure to protect privacy. However, due to our carelessness, we have to face the dilemma of opening the lock. So how do we open the drawer locks? What are the tips? Let me introduce it below.

How to open the lock of the drawer lock

In the drawer, there are two main ways to lock the drawer. One is the so-called name lock, and the other is the so-called dark lock. How do you open the drawer lock? Here are some tips. In fact, for Ming Lock, there is a lock nose installed on the drawer. All we need to do is open the lock nose. Another is that we can use the pliers to cut the lock, so that the drawer can be opened smoothly.

How to open the dark lock of the drawer lock

In addition to the lock, there is also a lock on the drawer lock. Nowadays, in many homes, the drawer lock is a dark lock. For this lock, the opening is more complicated, but how to open the drawer lock ? One trick here is that each inner core of the dark lock is made up of several parts, so if you want to open it, you need to knock the middle part with a hammer, etc., then this is open.